• Julie

Coming out of lockdown 3.0

So well what can you say, lockdown was fun… not …. as a small business we suffered greatly once again but we are still here and managing to stay afloat with the help of our fabulous community both online and in real person.

I personally have found the coming back to

normal this time very hard, people have been cautious rightly so, but also financially people are worried.

but the light is at the end of the tunnel now we are a few months in to being back open , workshops are back up and running I have kept the numbers low for the rest of this year.

we started a new quilt in patchwork group The vintage Garden it’s gorgeous.

The fused glass work are in full flow as are stained glass.

im very much looking forward to making some Christmas items

but for now a huge Thank you to all who support this small business with purchases in store and online it’s very much appreciated

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